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As a matchmaking portal, we at Matchstro are aware that we are the guardians of some of your very private information, and are dedicated to keeping as much of this information as possible private.

Credit Card Transactions:
We use a secure server to protect your credit card information. Your credit card number will be encrypted.

Why Matchstro Asks You For Your Personal Information:
All personal information we collect from you, we do so in order to help facilitate the matchmaking process, and offer you a more personalized experience. We do not share your personal information without your approval.

What Matchstro Does With Your Information:
The information that you put up as part of your profile can be viewed by Matchstro members and browsers. You will have the option to not disclose personal contact details like address and telephone number to members and browsers, unless you facilitate a contact with a member. The information that we collect from you will not be sold or shared with any organization or third party, without your approval. We are however legally bound to co-operate fully with the law, in sharing with it, any information, if required.

Matchstro’s Affiliate Partners:
Matchstro may share information with its affiliate partners, in order to serve you better. None of your personally identifiable personal information will be shared with its affiliate partners.

Information Not Directly Submitted:
Please note that Matchstro uses cookies to help it keep track of your personal information. We may use your server, IP address and browser information for general administration of our website. You may delete cookie files from your browser at your discretion.

Verifying Information:
Matchstro will not be responsible for verifying the authenticity of any information put up on the site, or discussed with you by members. We recommend that you establish the authenticity and intent of members before giving out any personally identifiable information to any member.

Matchstro.com may contact you as a user, to conduct surveys to help us serve you better. You need not disclose any information you do not desire to.

On-Line Chat:
Any information you disclose on the on-line chat function of this website, can be read, collected or used by members on that forum, and may be used to send you unsolicited messages. Matchstro will not be held responsible for any such messages or activities that ensue from information you post on the chats.

Links With Other Websites:
Matchstro may have links with other websites. Matchstro is not aware of the privacy policy of any of these websites, and will not be responsible for their privacy practices.

Matchstro may change its privacy policy based on consumer feedback or any change in company policy. All changes in policy posted on this page will be binding on users.
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