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Customers for dating sites are increasingly seeking value-added matchmaking applications that filter well through databases. Not being able to decide on the right mate is a common problem, further exacerbated by the fact that searches on online dating sites often result in over 10,000 matches for a single city!
Matchstro functionality can be easily integrated into any dating site. Users will be given a 'matchstro my results' check-box at the search screens. The dating site will then send matchstro servers the user's birth information for along with birth information for all matches. We will return these matches with compatibility results to be displayed in descending order of compatibility.
Please consider the following facts while deciding whether to integrate matchstro into your dating site:
  • Matchmaking seems to be the most popular growth trend in the online dating space. Eharmony moved into the number 3 position after having grown 41% in 2004.
  • There is no evidence to suggest that pairing people on scientific psychological compatibility results in happy, lasting marriages.
  • For every 1 match that results in marriage on many existing conventional matchmaking sites, there are 999 “compatible” matches that do not.
  • Consumers within the target market are sure to have already experienced the shortcomings of psychological profiling and matchmaking.
  • People generally have an innate, unexplainable belief in astrology. Matchstro can enhance this belief with an extremely accurate and detailed compatibility report.
  • There are currently no convincing and astrologically precise matchmaking sites accessible from google. In fact, none even ask for the time of birth.
  • According to a 2001 Gallup survey of 1003 Americans, aged 20-29, for the Rutgers University's National Marriage Project, 94% want a soul-mate for a spouse "first and foremost". Of these, 87% believe they will find a soul-mate when they are ready to marry.
  • Ed Snow, leader of the AstroCompatiblity research project, worked with a statistics professor at Lake Forest College. The professor tested the ability of two astrological software programs to predict couples' compatibility as a class project. Both programs generated numerical compatibility scores based solely on birth data. Higher scores indicated compatibility potential and lower scores predicted the opposite result.
The students compared unambiguous examples of both failed and compatible marriages to determine if, on average, couples in happy, compatible marriages scored higher than couples in dysfunctional marriages ending in an ugly divorce. They found that with both programs, the average score for the compatible group was significantly (statistically) higher than the average score for the failed marriage group. There was only a "1 in 2,000" possibility that their results could be attributed to chance.
Please email sales@matchstro.com to get started with integrating matchstro into your dating site and competitively differentiating it from the rest.
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