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I used Matchstro to better understand the dynamics of my relationships with my husband and was astonished with the results. It told us exactly what the positive and negative aspects of our relationships were. I am amazed that a software could tell me that I get upset as I feel that my husband does not do enough, that we tend to get too emotional, that we were magnetically attracted to each other from the beginning and have an extremely high sexual compatibility, that we are constructive together, that we are having difficulty having a child presently and that we are lucky together and had no obstacles in getting married. This is way beyond any astrology reading or software I have ever used! Having read Matchstro’s findings has taken the pressure off as I can now clearly see and understand both our tendencies in relationships. I no longer blame him and accept him and our relationship better.-TK Ca

I joined Matchstro 3 months ago. The first person it recommended was Anil. Reading his profile and looking at his picture gave me goose bumps. Right away i felt that he was someone special in my life. We started communicating by email and met one week later. It was truly love at first site. We have now decided to get married after 2 ½ months of knowing each other. People look at us and say we have the same eyes and make a beautiful couple. Thank you for helping find my soul mate. Its funny that he lives 5 mins away from me but i had to go to the internet to find him. Gayatri-Mumbai

This truly is amazing. I have chatted with numerous and met 2 women on Matchstro. I seem to get along with each of them way better than any of my 10 or so girlfriends in the past! Gary - Indiana
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