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Your personality, tastes and desires are bound to change over time. Your astrological chart however, which defines your essential nature, soul's purpose, energetic make-up, and hence, your ideal companion, stays the same for your entire life. A majority of us are unaware of what we really need in a companion, and which relationships will last. Precise astrology from ancient traditions prove very useful in determining the type of person you will be attracted to, be compatible with in the long-run, and lead a successful, purposeful and comfortable life with. All of us notice that there are some people we share a good “chemistry” with. But we rarely give much thought to what this “chemistry” is actually about. Chemistry is purely a molecular and microcosmic representation of the planets. Every atom is essentially a solar system. Every aspect of a relationship from long-term chemistry and material success to procreation, are covered in the classic Vedic, Kabballistic, Daoist and Western Astrology systems. There are numerous studies that prove that couples who have been correctly calculated as being astrologically compatible are much more likely to stay together. To correctly calculate compatibility it is necessary to have the precise chart, which changes every few minutes. Generalizations based on sun-signs are not only inaccurate, but also render the science of astrology a bad name.
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