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Matchstro makes 123 calculations per compatibility, based mostly on Ancient Vedic Algorithms. These include the more popular 36 Guna wavelength calculations such as Strii Durga, Rajji, Mahendra, Vasya and Vedha. Some of the Algorithms Matchstro employs have been lost from the essential astrological work of the Vedas, while others have been popular only in South India.

The calculations for Mars(Manglik) are done in the Kuja Dosha (assertive pressure) section of Matchstro. Truly ancient Vedic Astrology considers Mangal Dosh to most importantly define the force with which each person asserts him/herself in a relationship, and believes that it is generally best to pair two similarly assertive people together. Hence the origin of commonly applied, yet misunderstood rule of marrying manglik people to manglik people only. While often important, this is by no means a deal maker/breaker type of situation. A manglik may be successfully paired with a non-manglik in certain circumstances, and a lot of other factors have also to be taken into account.

Matchstro also incorporates Western techniques of planetary interactions to determine attraction, and specific areas of compatibility based on your selection of things that you are most interested in.

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